Details of Guitar Lessons!

I’ve recently been told by a few clients that having details on a website would be great, so here it is!

My curriculum

In general: This varies greatly upon the student and the style of guitar they’d like to learn. Generally we’ll follow a dynamic style in which the student says what they want to learn, or where they would like to be, and I teach them towards that direction.

For (absolute) beginners: Behind every style of music created for the guitar, there are the fundamental techniques. This can include the basic open chords (C A Am G E Em D Dm), wrist control, basic finger strength and dexterity, among others. I have specific and structured guidelines that, when met, can help excel a student into any type of music.

For intermediate and beyond: This is where a more dynamic teaching approach is used, and we focus on styles of their desired music. A few examples: An acoustic guitarist is looking to improve their bar chord skills (and their ability to quickly switch between them), a metal guitarist may be looking to improve their sweeping technique, etc.

My rates

My prices are reasonable, considering both the area and the tuition of comparative teachers. The cost is $18 for half-an-hour, or $30 for an hour. However, there are many ways to drop prices. (successful) referrals will give you a half-off a lesson, purchasing more than one lesson at a time can considerably drop your price (call/text/e-mail me for specifics on this). Other ideas will be taken and seriously considered!

My experience

I’ve been playing the guitar for the better half of a decade, been in multiple of bands (including acoustic, folk, rock, metal, and a 50’s cover band), have extensive recording studio experience, and have played numerous concerts. I can recommend specific brands of guitars and amps, so feel free to consult me on these!

How to Contact me

My phone number is 0424 299 505 and my e-mail address is


Look forward to hearing from you soon!

As always,



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